The gradual process of weight gain

Have you ever come across someone whom you thought till recently was normal weight and a few months down the line, you found them to have put on a lot of weight? Scientists are not exactly baffled at this situation. Why? Because according to almost all the scientific research there is in this field, it all points in one direction and that is weight gain and weight loss both are gradual processes. No one can claim to become overweight in a matter of few days or even lose all the fact that they have accumulated over a period of time. Much as tough it is to lose all that extra pounds that you hate to see around you in the mirror, take it from the experts itself that the weight gain is also a slow process.

The weight gain is not noticeable at first:
Yes, this is the stark reality. So, if you have been happily gorging on all the wrong stuff and feeling elated that none of it seems to come on to you really, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that any extra fats that you eat and is not processed by your body into energy sit in your body. The fats travel to all the convenient spots under your skin and around your vital organs till there is no more room for fats, and that is when it starts showing on you!

People who watch the scales closely:
The best way to wriggle out of a situation like overeating and then repenting about it is to watch your weight. You could frequently measure yourself on a bathroom scale. Because even though the extra fat does not really show on your body maybe yet but it can definitely be caught on the scales.

Prevention is definitely better than cure:
A certain amount of fat is necessary for your body. Even the one around your vital organs because it cushions them from any kind of internal shock or hemorrhages but anything excessive like thickened layers of fat lining your internal organs such as the heart, lungs and the kidney can mean that there is a disaster waiting in the pipeline to happen!

But the fats can create a lot of nuisance in the body:
Any excessive fat than what the body can process will settle down anywhere that it finds a place. This has already been explained. But it is not just this. The settled fat is notorious for making secretions that can interfere with the endocrine functions of the body. This can lead the body to diseases related to a lifestyle like high blood pressure, diabetes, and even malignancies.

How can this be countered?
An active lifestyle is one major requirement for maintaining the ideal weight and also to keep the fat cells at bay. Regular exercising can also mean that the fat cells are processed and metabolized. In absence of these two, the only other prevention method is to maintain a balanced diet. This includes being able to predetermine the number of calories that your body may require for its day to day activities and to work around only that much of consumption.

Garcinia Cambogia reviews – how the pills work?
In a survey, it was noted that the number of people who over ate more than the daily requirement had a problem stopping at the point where they had to. They put forth various excuses and some of them being that they did not feel satiated with the food count that was prescribed according to their activity levels and that they felt hungry again within a short span of time. The members of the survey were split into two groups of twenty each. The first group was put on these pills which have the ability to curb hunger pangs. The other group was allowed to eat as much the portion that was recommended to them.

At the end of thirty days:

A month later, it was noticed that the group which was on the diet pills had been successful in eating prescribed amount and even reduced the intake by twenty percent approximately. The other group, however, were still on the recommended amount of food but highly dissatisfied with the quantity of the food.


The takeaway:

The pills are a natural way to curb hunger and there are no side-effects whatsoever because it is extracted from the rind of a natural fruit. The product is hundred percent safe. However, the product is a victim of negative advertising where vested interests do not want a large number of people to benefit out of a natural product and as a result affect the health and wellness industry which is by itself a multi-billion dollar company.

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